Career coaching in English and French

Develop your individual or team potential

My coaching will give you and your team increased confidence and help you recognise your strengths to enhance your professional development.

Béatrice Tiberghien


Coaching for a fulfilling career

1. Increase your performance

Get a fresh perspective on your role and position for personal growth and development.

Are you an executive, manager, director, or project manager seeking individual coaching to enhance your professional life?

Your goals

  • Grow in assertiveness and confidence
  • Easier, optimised decision making
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Improve team relationships
  • Manage your time and stress better
  • Prepare for your new position
  • Any other topic related to your objectives

My approach

My individual coaching will help you get a better perspective on your situation, using the techniques of listening, reformulation, questioning and projection.

2. Change careers

Discover what you really want according to who you are and move towards a profession that makes sense for you.

Are you an executive, manager, director, or project manager seeking individual coaching to re-evaluate your professional life and create a career plan that suits you?

Your goals

  • Find motivation and meaning in your professional life
  • Get started on your idea for reorientation
  • Find a paid position or an entrepreneurial activity rapidly that matches your aspirations, personality and skills
  • Cultivate your network
  • Successfully transition into your new professional environment – interviews, launching a new project, taking up a new position…

My approach

  • Review your professional and personal career
  • Identify how choices are made
  • Identify your deepest needs and desires
  • Get in touch with your values
  • Recognise your talents and remove obstacles
  • Develop your career plan

Individual coaching steps to develop your performance


Preliminary interview

We schedule a preliminary interview to get to know each other, clarify the way you work and your expectations (free of charge). At the end of this interview, we sign a contract of mutual commitment.


Defining your goals

We define your coaching goals together. For companies: in collaboration with your manager and/or HR director.


Individual sessions

5 to 8 sessions of 60 to 90 minutes according to your needs – in person or via video call.


Action plan

How to put your new insights into practice between sessions.



Evaluation of your coaching experience. For companies: in collaboration with your manager and/or HR director.

Coaching is based on a contract signed by the different parties involved.

Coaching on the move

Get moving through coaching while walking.
When my clients are willing and conditions allow, I offer one or more walking coaching sessions. Walking facilitates reflective thinking outside of your daily environment. It provides physical momentum, which has a direct influence on your mind. It also adds a more sensory and intuitive dimension to your learning experience.
In person in Grenoble.

About me

Béatrice Tiberghien

Career coach

Communication and interpersonal relations are at the heart of my professional career.

I have experienced them as a salesperson, communicator and coach, in public, private and non-profit organisations, both nationally and internationally.
I have accompanied 750 people in their professional development, from 1 to 20 hours depending on their needs and situations – engineering school ‘s students and graduates, company founders, foreigners, executives…

I coach in English and French.


I met Beatrice at a crucial moment in my professional life, in the middle of a career change. Her warm welcome, accurate discernment and questioning work enabled me to discover what is essential and vital for my professional life.


Contact me

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact me directly by e-mail or telephone.
I look forward to hearing from you!


Béatrice Tiberghien
In person in Grenoble,
or via video call in France and abroad

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